a 501 (c) 3 public benefit corporation

Our mission is to invest the tools and skills of conscious collaboration, ethical exercise of power & privilege, and resilience & self-care directly into the hands of those working towards and dreaming of peaceful, healthy and diverse communities.

How We Serve


On the topics of ethical collaboration, effective communication, intersectionality, navigating conflict and building trust, Swell Collective offers guides by the side on our parallel journeys of lifelong learning.


We bring community collaborators under one roof to build rapport, share and grow connections, and find synergy and innovation.
Leveraging our expertise and organizational networks, we connect grassroots collaborative efforts with structural, logistical and mentoring support.


As long as we need to depend on others and collaborate to do the work of community organizing, the meetings aren’t going away. Swell Collective facilitators can help make them efficient and transformational.


Our media have become saturated with examples of what is going wrong at the intersection of differences. Swell Station amplifies what is going right. Every story we share tells the tale of human, social and financial capital being grown for global good. We believe in a positive-sum future.

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What floats our boats...

We are co-creating, interdisciplinary, change-agents investing our human and social capital for the greater good.
We believe in positive sum solutions.

Diversity & Respect

Our fates are interconnected all over the globe. We seek out those different from us with whom to collaborate and learn.

Conscious Communication

Design communicates. Process communicates. Our words and our deeds communicate. This awareness guides us towards developing new understanding.

Wellness & Integrity

Healthy individuals beget healthy communities. Integrity is wholeness and in order to be whole, we must be well.

Our Crew


Emeritus Board Member & Advisor

Angela joined the Collective from action sports video production, leading a team at RIDE Channel to grow subscribers to over 1 million in just under 4 years. She advised us on video asset management for our library of instructional videos and online tutorials. Angela is now with the Tony Hawk Foundation. #goodgrows



Business systems guru and Reiki Master, Mica leads the Collective's operations and finance team. With a wealth of knowledge of traditional methods of conflict resolution and healing, such as ho’o pono pono, she also contributes to the team developing our growing library of diverse cultural resources and is instrumental in our internal professional development.



Certified yoga instructor. Academic researcher of communication in socio-technical systems. Facilitator and trainer applying the themes of radical collaboration, Emily is passionate about empowering individuals and communities to capitalize on their assets in order to leverage challenge into opportunity. Innovation and community building can come out of crises. Out of ashes rises the phoenix.


wanna change the world?

We are currently recruiting crew to join us on our epic journey to create a sustainable, ethical & transformational organization. We schedule regular informational webinars to share the GOOD GROWS message with kindred spirits. Let's learn together. Let's grow together. We've got no time to waste. Click the link in the image above to get started!

Doreen Gounaris


Changing the paradigm has driven Doreen throughout her life and career. She joins the Swell Collective with experience in Operations and Marketing as a management consultant, university Academic Chair and former healthcare executive. ‘Good Grows’ resonated with her and she wants to be help build the collective’s goal of empowering change agents to cultivate a mindset of transformational change in organizations and communities.

Mili Metz


"As an adolescent and young adult, I followed my mind. I hold a dual B.A. in Psychological & Brain Sciences and Public Health, Social Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. After completing my M.A. at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. I followed my heart to Oceanside."

2018 Swell Interns

Abby Saldana is a Southern California native. She is our Social Media Summer Intern. She is a rising senior studying English and Political Science. She is considering a future in corporate law.

Abby Saldana

Notre Dame
Omar is currently a student at California State University San Marcos studying Business Administration with an emphasis on Management Information Systems. He is our e-Learning and Gamification intern. He aspires to be a Project Manager in the tech industry. He is a fan of Nintendo, mainly the Mario franchise, and hopes to work for Nintendo of America in the future. In the meantime, he is excited to explore what The Swell Collective offers in multimedia and wellness where #GoodGrows!

Omar El-Maleh

CSU San Marcos
Eric is our Swell Community Interaction & Fundraising Intern (SCIFI). Currently, he is in his third year studying business at Cal State San Marcos. He is heavily involved in the Greek life community, having served as Vice President and Community Outreach Chair. A lifelong Oceanside native he enjoys surfing and watching baseball in his free time. His #lifegoal is to give back as much as he can!

Eric Hentschel

CSU San Marcos

Ho’okahi ka ‘kau like ama